Yes, you are seeing correctly two post, one day. I got a little busy with the grandson yesterday and missed posting. So today you get two post, two pics. I know I don’t have to post everyday but since I have been putting my photo a day up and commenting on it, it seems only right to post daily. I do fairly well most days.

Since the beginning of the year I have been attempting to take a picture of my self each day, do my pic of the day each day, make a post here, and do a bible study. I have missed a post and a bible study here and there, but have went back and caught up so I consider it a win.

Today’s photo prompt is bag. The pic is of my ole reliable. It is a laptop bag, but I use it for everything…work, bible study, entertainment carrier, you name it is either in there or has been. I have several bags though, I have a bit of a bag fetish. 🙂 If I see a new bag that looks cool, has lots of pockets or different areas in it I want it.


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