I have done very little today. I did pick up and take out the trash. After the hubs got home we went to the dump and to pick up groceries. Other than that I have made meals, ate, and let the dogs out to potty. That was my entertainment for the day. I felt bad for Zane, he had assumed the poo position started to do his business when Bubba came over and almost peed on him. Zane stops mid poo and scoots up about three feet and resumes his business. It was kind of funny though.Yeah I know I have a weird sense of humor.

Today’s photo prompt was Path. I don’t have any paths around here…that I know of anyway. Not to mention it is January, and though it is warm for January at 40 something degrees, it was still overcast and rather wet all day so I wasn’t venturing out on my day off to track down a path. So I looked through my pics and found this gem, it is from our first trip to Daytona Beach in 2013. I so loved Daytona when we went. I literally cried when we left. I would love to live there, but the jobs are not plentiful and I don’t want to move again unless I can grab the essentials and go. But I would love to live near the ocean. What a great place to let your worries and stress just melt away.


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