Well the pic post will be late today, the pic is on my phone and my phone is on charge upstairs…oops.

This morning I decided my dogs need to earn there keep around here and learn how to carry the dirty clothes, at least the blankets. The watched make three trips up and down the stairs this morning carrying the dirty bed clothes, blankets and dirty clothes downstairs. And did they offer to help with any of it? Heck no, they were fine just watching me trapes up and down the stairs. I think I am their slave and worse I think they are OK with that. They want food I give it to them, they want to go out I open the door, they want loved I love on em exactly who owns who? Since they made no effort at helping with the laundry looks like I will have to find them a new chore. Ha!

If you are wondering today’s pic is Wall, I chose a wall in my house where I have some pics hanging.


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