Hello all, seven days in and I am still keeping up. Do not expect this for all 365 days this year. Sooner or later life will get in the way. Today’s photo prompt was time, so what you see is the stove time. I made a new recipe tonight, Lemon Chicken with Spaghetti Squash. It was ok, the squash was over cooked so that made it less than it could have been. I actually got the husband to eat it, he didn’t think much of the squash but the dogs loved it. lol. The timer was from cooking the squash.

I was going to do some painting today but never did. Finished a book, D is for Deadbeat. Rearranged the living room and that was about it. Need to get a schedule going so I will make time to do some painting. I have some picked out that I want to do for some people I know and they are not doing themselves. 🙂


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