January 31

Today the high was 67 and it is Tuesday, on Friday the high is going to be freakin 37. Now I get it, it is winter but seriously be cold or don’t but I don’t want all the seasons in one week. It is amazing we all aren’t in the hospital with pneumonia. I do have two coworkers that are sick and several of our drivers have been out sick.

Today’s photo prompt is something colorful, so I decided what is more colorful than a paint color chart. Sometime back Golden sent me this chart. Each color is an actual paint swipe. Eventually I want each of those colors in a tube of paint. I reckon I had better start painting if I want to justify buying paint huh? I did get the craft room switched over last weekend. I still have some of the Grandson’s stuff in there but at least my craft stuff is now in there. I do need a chair…and eventually a desk.

Word prompt of the day is scent. I don’t know how good I am at these word prompts. Scent does nothing for me. Scent leads me to smell and that doesn’t even stir up a story for me. Sorry, I reckon I am just tired. Zoey and I took turns waken up last night, we couldn’t get on the same schedule so I was up 4 times.

On a different note, it is the last day of January and I have completed my 30 day bible study, started a read through the bible in a year program, taken a pic of my self everyday and done my pic a day everyday. I have also completed 17 books, and will have 2 more done by the end of the week, so I am on schedule to have at least 3 books a week read thus far. 11 months to go. πŸ™‚



January 30

Today’s word prompt is replacement. I need a replacement for this word lol. I am unsure what to make with this word. So sorry I am not going anywhere with this one.

Today’s photo prompt is Hello!. I was unsure what I was going to do with this one. I considered having the folks at work stick there heads out from their cubicle and taking a pic of the isle with their heads sticking out saying “hello”. Well that didn’t work because one coworker was out all day, one left early sick, and one left early taking a personal day so I had to chose a different route. I decided to take some letters from magazines and create my own hello, so there ya have it my Hello.

My brother has started his own inspiration blog, so far he is doing well with it. I encourage you to check him out. You can find him under the blogs I follow, McBride Motivation. He would like to make it to be an inspirational speaker. I hope he does, he deserves great things.

I want to start a couple of nonprofit type organizations to help those that fall between making too much for any type of assistance and having enough to cover every bill and emergency. I would also like to help students K-12, being sure they had full bellies, someone to listen to them, and having fun while staying out of trouble. It really does take a village, especially these days. I don’t know if we are going forward or back, but we need to come together and help each other out.

January 29

Oh it is Sunday night again. I am not a big fan of Sunday night, why? because it means tomorrow is Monday. I really need the hubs to get a job so I can find something I love to do. Actually I need probably finish school before I even think about changing jobs, and that is going to be a hot minute. About this time next year I will have Bachelor’s done. Then I will still have to obtain my masters. My end goal though is just to help people, it is what I feel I am called to do, help those that are either in need financially or those that feel all alone and need someone on their side. Even if it just means someone that will listen to them.

Today’s photo prompt is shadow. So you get to see my Bubba and his shadow tonight. He is a good model. He listens fairly well so I can get him to sit and stay and get the pic I want…as long as I don’t want anything to special.

Today’s word prompt is yellow. My first thought when reading it was don’t eat the yellow snow. πŸ™‚ Of course I live in middle Tennessee so eating any color snow is very difficult. I don’t get to see much snow, and when I do I think the most I have seen down here is about 4 inches. I can remember back home a good snow being about a foot. We could make snow ice cream even, yum!

My most excitement today came when trying to get the neighbor dog back home. I am quite the dog person, actually animal person, I love em all. We came back from dumping the trash today and the neighbor dog was out of his fence. I was worried for him, I didn’t want him to run off or get out in the road and get hit. So I was going to try to let them know, they are not overly friendly folks. However, Mr. Big Head as I have come to name him didn’t want me in his yard. He is a very large headed pit bull. He is a beautiful dog, but I could tell he was quite scared of me. He would growl and bark at me if I came too close to him or his yard. When I would walk back to my yard he would chase after me, but if I stopped and turned around he would stop, bark, and back off quickly. I didn’t want to push the issue with him, as I didn’t want him to bite me because he was scared. I did my best to talk to him and keep him out of the road. I thought his momma and daddy would come out and see why he was barking but they never did. I finally gave him one of my dogs’ chews to give him something to do instead of chasing cars and then I didn’t see him again so I am hopeful the neighbors finally took him in.

January 28

Love the weekends. Because they allow me time to play with my pups. Zane is in both of my pictures today. The photo prompt for today was Sign, well when Zane gets sleepy he licks his paws. Much like a baby would suck their thumb. So I did my best to get a pic of him licking his paw, as a Sign he was tired. The pic is a bit blurry but he was moving. πŸ™‚

Yesterday came and went with no new job for the hubs. If you read this please say a prayer, light a candle, do what you do when you want things to happen for us that he would get a call to come to work Monday. Not just an interview, but a job.

Speaking of prayers and such, tomorrow is Sunday and if you have not a church and want to attend one may I suggest Awaken Church. I you can’t drive that far, or you just don’t want to get out of your jammies you can also watch them online. They have a link onΒ the website to the live feed on Sundays.

I have a new daily task. I found this thing called a daily prompt, it is suppose to give you something to write about each day. I thought what they heck, not only will it give me a topic, it will open the opportunity for some advertising so to speak.

Today’s daily prompt is Automatic. I can’t help but think of Prince every time I say that word. A-U-T-Omatic, I can hear him sing. Good song, but many of Prince’s songs were good. He had a way about him that is for sure. I was surprised when he died for the amount of lives he had touched. You just don’t know about some people’s lives until they are no longer here.

January 27

TGIF!!! Today’s photo prompt is I Can’t Live Without. There are several things I can’t live without, I chose t use a pic of my water. I do drink other things but primarily it is water that I am drinking. I thought about taking a picture of Walmart when I was picking up groceries. But I figured that in reality I could live without Walmart, I would just find other places to buy things. πŸ™‚ My water on the other hand, I really could not live without it.

I was late this morning. I remember my annoying alarm going of before 5 am and I shut it off thinking the other one will go off soon I will get up then. The next thing I knew it was 7:30, the problem with that is, I have to be at work at 8 am and it takes me at least an hour to get to work and I still had to get ready and eat something and get my lunch. Needless to say I hit the ground running. I made it to work by 8:43, not to shabby I would say.

They are saying we might get snow Sunday…we will see.

January 26

Happy Thursday. It is not only Thursday it is the last Thursday of the month. I have made it 26 days into the year and so far so good on both of my pic a day projects and my bible study. I have also been able to make a post on here every day since I created it. I have also completed 13 books thus far for the year. I don’t read perse, I instead listen to my books. When you have a two hour commute everyday you find something to do. My goal is to get through at least 104 books, I would like to get to 156 this year, that is 3 books a week. So far I am on target with the three a week, I just have to maintain. Now that the hubs is out of work that number could drop if I don’t find some books to listen to on my own. He and I are currently making our way through Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series. If you are not familiar with the series and like to read (or listen) I highly suggest this series. The books are decently written and very funny. The first few were really short, we are on book 11 and it past few have been about twice the length of the early ones but still very good.

Still no word on a job for the hubs so I am still broke. πŸ™‚ Yeah I am still smiling, what else can I do. I really feel like he is going to get the job he last interviewed for, they are just being very slow in contacting him. I really really need them to hurry up. If you know of any tech/computer jobs in the Nashville, TN area let me know I gotta a guy.

Photo Prompt today was Yum! On Thursday’s pending I can afford it I usually buy dinner out because I get home late and have to be back to work early so it makes for an easier night. So I used my dinner for today’s photo. I am not a big meatball fan, as a matter of fact I would say I don’t really like them at all. However, there is a pizza place up here called Marco’s Pizza and their meatballs are awesome!!! It is actually called a Meatball Bake and you can find it on their online menu under bread, I know strange place to have it. It is $9.99 and I would rather have their meatball bake then anything on their menu. They do have good pizza, I am just partial to their Meatball Bake.

January 25

I have no words of wisdom, no good stories, nothing today. I am just tired and ready for bed. I drank a large coffee last night before bed and then of course I could not sleep. 😦 So now I am very tired.

I am thinking of adding a scripture a day in February, anyone have an opinion on that?

Today’s photo prompt was In the Background and as usual Bubba is in the background of Zane and Zoey. He almost always takes a backseat to them. He is such a gentle, kind soul and the other two just walk all over him. Once in awhile he will stand up to them but not very often. Maybe that is why I tend to spoil him more.